yes, your thoughts?

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
"i.e. in your presentation are you intending to include info on what level of lighting is required in a shop and how to achieve it? "

This topic is of course the main focus of the presentation along with how to achieve this result.

Brother-in-law the lighting engineer suggested 200 foot candles for detailed tasks, and 20 f.c. background. Background is as important as light at task, he says. I find that just about right.

It took a boggling amount of 4' Tofers to get this level on my bench. The ceiling was literally covered with them. They all went away to be replaced by 2-T5HO units. Of course windows are best of all.

Task lights are a different solution but I dislike having to deal with them on the bench, and repointing them endlessly. Battery powered LED task lighting could be desirable but I have not investigated it thoroughly.

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