May I join and rant?

Barry Irby
I have two Bosch Multi tools. Have had them for ten years. Used them in the shop and flipping houses.

Most recently to cut two gib bolts on my planer. Tried to do it without damaging the gib or the head. Spent over $50 on blades. Ran the blades in oil and dry. The Dewalt Bimetal blades died a painful death. On a side note: the idiotic package did not SAY what the blades were for. Eventually I realized that the little tiny pictures and the letters Para were supposed to convey the things they would cut. I am left to figure out that one of the pictures was not of steel. Side Side note: I hate the packaging in three languages. Not enough space to tell everyone everything, so they don't tell anyone anything. If I am buying a quart, I take the time to read the label on a gallon so it will be big enough to see.

And the price is absurd for what you get. $12 to $14 for a few minutes of use? They should be ashamed. Harbor Freight is a good deal in comparison. So stock up at Harbor Freight and treat them like disposables.

(I had just sat down to right a email to Dewalt and give them a piece of my mind about the $40 three pack and their stupid packaging when I saw this. Sorry for the rant...not!)

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