Re: Question for LED shop light users

Bob Lang
Hi Bill,

I've got the Costco lights, here is the info from the box:

Mfr. Feit Electric
42 watts
4000 lumens
4000k cool white

I really like them for a number of reasons, most related to being frugal. There are two tubes in a fixture and it looks like a typical fluorescent four foot long shop light. The initial cost is between $20-30, depending on time of year. At the moment you (if you're a Costco member) you can buy two fixtures for $40. That tempts me to get a few more.

The fixture doesn't way much so it's easy for an old guy to hang and each fixture has a plug so you can string them together. My subjective impression of the output is that each is a little brighter and more pleasant than the typical fluorescent lights I've used previously.

Hope this helps,

Bob Lang

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