Re: what LED brand/model number are you using?

Jim Dillon
John, I chose the Hyperikon brand sold on Amazon. While, perhaps, not the cheapest, the reviews seemed solid, and the specs/website transparent and provided a lot of additional info. Packaging was excellent and all 56 bulbs lit up. This Amazon web page link seems to show the 5000K bulb, but I actually got the 3000K bulb as I like the slightly warm color having been burnt on other too blue LEDs. But this is subjective. Hyperikon will supply, on request, free non-shunted tombstones. They used to supply a tombstone with each bulb, but are phasing out that policy. Email contact with the company was immediately returned and responded too. Received my tombstones several days later via FedEx. I purchased the frosted LEDs bulbs and noticed no sign of the individual LED and the fixture plastic diffuser evened things out even more. Hope this helps. Jim

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