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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

Shown is a picture of a typical LED lamp. It too has a reflector. The question is whether it reflects more or less light than the reflector above the typical fluorescent. I don't know. Nor do I know the details of how lumens are measured for the two sources, which could be substantially different. Both sources fade over time but I have no data on comparative rates.

I have a meter. If I can arrange it I will make a comparison of a "shop" LED to a two lamp T8.

As suggested I looked in Rockler and that was a most useful suggestion to follow. They have a 10,000 lumen fixture for $99. For about the same price I installed a 4 lamp T5HO that puts out 20,000 lumen of better quality light (significantly higher CRI) and higher temperature, for those that prefer sun light illumination. Two of these fixtures over my long wide bench illuminates it at 300 ft candles, approaching outside daylight in the shade. Peripheral areas are 200 ft candles, still excellent for detailed work.

Most of the claims for the Rockler light were comparing this lamp to no longer (decades old) available fluorescent lamps. Misleading at best unless your shop has 40 year old lighting. Trading arsenic for mercury may or may not be important to the customer.

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