Re: Question for LED shop light users

Don Evans
A good place to look for the spec's you're talking about is as they list these on line.
I have purchased all the LED's in my shop from them which I really like.
I have the strip type one's and the single bulb with reflective shade one's used as task lighting.
Single bulb units can be had in 2500 lumen up to 4400 lumen when I was looking.
On the strip type fixtures they had 4000 lumen, 7500 lumen (which I purchased) and 10,000 lumen (not a typo) they say ten thousand, wow!
I have 2 of the single 2500 lumen one over my lathe. 3 more single's over my wood bench on articulating arms. Another 4400 single on a swinging arm for general use. And the 7500 strip one hangs over my carving bench.
I really like this set up as I need more light as I get older and magnification!

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