Question for LED shop light users

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I am preparing a program for our club on shop lighting. The program will involve discussing lighting requirements for various tasks and light sources to achieve these requirements. I lack some data you all might have.

What is the lumen output (lumens per fixture or lumens per lamp) of the LED shop lights you are using? These data will be on the packaging or any description of the fixture or lamp.

I can readily find data on LED lighting in general but it varies widely with manufacturer and model, 1700 to 3000 lumens per 4' lamp. At 1700 lumens it would take almost two LED lamps to equal the output of one T8, or three to equal one T5HO. At 3000 the LED lamp would be nearly equivalent.

I need data on what people are able to readily find and are using. The nearest Cosco is 250 miles away so I can't readily go check.

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