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Dick Coers
OSHA went on a terror for a while on residual dust sitting on top of piping, ceiling joists, etc. What they say happening was something would strike those items and this rain of really fine dust would slowly drop. It made for near perfect conditions to ignite. Dust flying through a dust pipe is not so easy. Most spark issues cause trouble in the collection bin of the dust collector. Get an ember in a pile of dust with high velocity air going over it, and you get a fire. Then blow a fine mist of sanding dust into the fire and boom. Anything is possible with dust though. We had a fire insurance assembly at our high school in 1968. The guy had this cast iron chamber with a spark plug in it. He blew in a small amount of dust and hit the switch. BOOM! Then he doubled the amount of dust and we held our breath. He hit the switch and nothing happened. Same as a engine, air/fuel ratio is critical for combustion.

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