sawdust is an explosive dust also
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GolfSteve in Calgary
There are no answers below, just questions to ponder.

My first thought was to consider how dusty the coal is. Fine dust is more dangerous than coal lumps, and presumably the coal is washed and relatively coarse. You would also need to consider non-standard conditions, such as what happens when you are vacuuming the dregs left in the bottom of the hopper where the fine dust might accumulate even though the bulk of the coal is lumps, and the dust might also be drier due to sitting in the hopper for a long time.

My second thought is that wood dust is also an explosive dust, and would we consider this set-up to be hazardous for sawdust? Should we? Is coal dust more explosive than sawdust?

With the airflow that the system can deliver, is it possible to transport a concentration of coal dust that falls within the explosive concentration limits?

Can the vacuum motors generate sufficient energy (spark or surface temperature) to become an ignition source? Is the airflow/coal dust directly exposed to the motor windings or is there only indirect contact?

Are there layers of coal dust formed that might ignite/smoulder or contribute the sudden formation of dust clouds?

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