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Barry Irby
Several decades ago I was a builder. I pulled up at one of my houses only to see the floor finishers swirling around like angry bees. Turns out the house had about 300 sf of hardwood and they had applied a coat of lacquer. Padded on a liberal coat. The plan was to wait a while and put on a second coat. They liked lacquer because it dried quickly and they could do two coats in a morning. They had all the windows open. Somehow the fumes found an ignition source and it went BOOM. Boom maybe and over statement, more like foom. Kind of like when the cook flambes the cherries jubilee. It was over so fast they did not even have time to foul their pants. They buffed the floor and applied another coat and the floor served its purpose for about ten years. Then we moved some walls around and patched it and refinished it. Appeared to do no harm, other than to make believers out of the floor finishers.

When I apply finish in my shop I leave the DC hose nearby and run it to remove as much of the fumes as possible. The exhaust goes out side and the motor while not explosion proof is TEFC.

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