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Pete in Holland MI
What does a woodworker do? Look about you. They build houses. Build furniture. Build art. If it's wood, someone built it. Very few woodworkers are a jack of all trades. Most can do many things, but most specialize in a certain area of woodworking and pursue that leg of the hobby/career in great depth.

Woodworking has a hobby is a great time to get away from the world and create things. It can be very relaxing. Woodworking can save you a lot of money outfitting your house with furniture and even building your house/shop. As mentioned on another post, you don't need thousands of dollars in tools to start, you just need the patience to learn with simple tools and expand from there. Machines, for the most part, take the labor less intensive and speed up the process.

My shop would probably take $20,000 to replace. A lot of money, yea, I know, but that took 40 years to accumulate. I have saved myself 10X that over the years with the cabinets, furniture, decks, storage barns that have been built, and not have to hire "the guy" or pay high prices for commercially made stuff.

Find some classes. Join a club. TV programs. Internet videos. Many places to learn, but eventually you'll have to get some lumber and start making sawdust. Don't count on your first projects being perfect. Start out with something simple. Build it. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Apply that knowledge to the next project. You're not ready for a grandfather clock...... just yet.

Welcome to a fun & rewarding chapter in your life !


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