Re: Water Resistance for Hot Hide Glue?

Thank you both, that does not sound all that appealing. It seems to be moreso a preservative, or overlap with it.

I think I will try to do it with regular hide glue first. I think they used to glue split cane fishing rods with hide glue, and for a variety of reasons pretty much got away with that. I was thinking of gluing on fletchings on arrows. Not in the traditional way it is done where people tie on the feathers. Just the modern way with a fletching jig. Hide would have a lot of advantages: I don't find some of the glues currently sold all that great, we are going through a replacement of solvents process; hide might work well on carbon where it would just wash off when restoring them; Hide is strong and stiff, and thermosetting; it sticks to just about anything; It is safe to use. The only downside would be moisture, but that is not present in all situation. Varnishing the bases might help. If the hide glue is fast and easy to use, then the extra minor step of protecting the bond would not be all that bad.

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