cutter geometry
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Skeptical of explanation ()

Dick Coers
I've never run a segment head, nor even seen one. But with the explanation that it doesn't matter what direction you feed it, or figured grain comes out perfectly, I've always concluded it is more of a scraping action compared to cutting. I had a big Yates-American 24" industrial planer. After running it for the first time in hard maple, I had a disaster of a cut. Chip out was horrible! I called them and they wanted the serial number on the cutter head. They told me it was set for optimal cutting in softwood. For better results in hard and brittle wood, they suggested a 10 degree angle on the front of the blade and then traditional angle on the back. It made it a wonderful machine. But with 7.5 horsepower, I noticed no difference in machine performance. With small bench top machines being sold or retrofitted with segment heads, a 10 percent difference in current draw to machine the same amount of wood, would certainly be noticed.

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