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Dick Coers
Noise level would be a poor measure of motor load. Here's a link to a Woodweb discussion about power requirements;
With the Byrd head I could cut 8" wide African mahogany 1/4" deep but not poplar or oak. This surprised the tech at Byrd. He'd seen similar reduction in power capability with small table top planer but never on an industrial machine. His very logical explanation is that a three knife head has a time gap between each planer knife strike for the head to rebuild rpm speed.

Another; Contrary to conventional Internet wisdom, side-by-side comparisons have found helical heads to be more demanding on the motor. In the tests, machine fitted with a helical head drew more amperage than an identical machine fitted with a straight-knife cutterhead. The current explanation for this is that a cutter is always engaged with the material, producing a constant load on the motor.

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