Re: OT Metal question source/data

Lowell Johnson
I bit more information is needed to calculate the sizes needed for the brace. This is a fairly simple problem, a type first presented in college physics. Step one: draw a free body diagram. That is a "stick" diagram from the side, with all relevant dimensions given and best drawn to scale. How far from the wall do you want the bell? Compare this to brackets used for hanging flower baskets. (My brackets bent when I switched from 16" to 18" baskets.)
There will be deflection, the only question is how much. With the bell hanging 12" from the wall, 1/16 would be a reasonable target, without an angle brace.
The topmost mounting fastener is a separate problem but also important. It will be loaded in a combination of shear and tension. It may be easier to find tables for this. The inputs are the fasteners type, length, diameter, and the material behind it.
That online calculator is not explained well enough to use. It is apparently for a horizontal simple span beam, with a concentrated load at the center. It needs a free body diagram to explain. My understanding is that your problem is a cantilever beam.

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