Silicone vs Silicon

Henry (Raleigh NC)
You meant silicone - not silicon. Easy to interchange.

Silicone is the elastomer/polymer that is used in gaskets and thousands of other applications. In smaller molecules silicones are used as an lubricant/oil. That is the material the you want to avoid on wood surfaces - the cause of 'fish-eye' in finishes.

Silicon is an element that is only part of the silicone materials; carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are the other primary components.

Silicon is a solid, and is the semiconductor that is the basis for almost all of modern consumer electronics; LEDs phosphors are the primary exception. Modern electronic era started with the consumer goods like the transistor radio and the handheld calculator. There are likely earlier examples, I just can' t think of them.

So unless your shop radio has vacuum tubes, you probably already have silicon in your shop. Even plenty of integrated electronics in many power tools in the last 25 years.

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