Re: Thoughts for adjustable legs?

Tony - Memphis
My wife had the same need. Unique to her because she is 4'11". She likes different heights for different operations. Not unlike us woodworkers! Anyway, for a quick and dirty, I made small MDF platforms for the legs to stand on. Not adjustable, but we can change the table height 6" or so rather quickly. The platforms are lipped and I covered the top with grippy mouse pad material. It seems to work well for her.

For my stand-up laptop desk thing, I wanted more adjustability - for sitting and standing. What I did was make a hollow square column with a post that fits in the hollow square hole. I drilled a series of holes in the post. I then drilled a hole in the hollow column and threaded it. I added a threaded pin such that when the pin is threaded in, the end of it mates with a hole in the post and holds it in place at the desired height. Does that make any sense at all? I need to look for a pic. Not sure if I posted that one here or not.


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