Congrats on your build *PIC*
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Mitre Fence for Slider ()

Gary Smyth
Seems to me you solved your dilemma. Nice work.

Your effort reminded me of a sled I was given. It was called a Dubby and was made for segmented turners.
I got mine at the end of a woodworking show teardown. I was told that a different saw was to be used at the next show and this one was not set up for the new saw and this one was headed for the trash bin as it had no further use. Of course I offered to save it from the land fill.
It isn't set up for my saw eiither but can be made to work, ( or reverse engineered) if I ever get around to it. For now a chop saw works for my applications, but I ought to spend some time on the Dubby as new ones are over $350 US dollars these days. They come in left and right angles.

I'd like to see your plans when you get a chance. Different, but maybe better.

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