Mitre Fence for Slider

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
I do not saw many mitres, however my wife has been suggesting I make several frames, and I must admit that my readiness to make a mitre fence for my Hammer K3 tablesaw was really about the challenge more than the eventual projects.

I had seen this mitre fence sold by Felder, and went oooh ...

Of cause the asking price is just silly. And then I watched this video ...

... which looks like an MDF version, and said to myself, "I can make that". And so I did (well better ... of course :) ).

The fences are extruded aluminium to which are fitted flip stops. These are essential for sawing exact and equal lengths. The parts were available from a local woodworking store, Timbecon.

The measurements are accurate ...

The angle adjuster doubles as a fitting, connected to the side of the slider ...

The accuracy of the square end is all important. This was achieved with a bit of jiggling made possible as the end clamps had a small amount of adjustability built in ...

Once done, the fence was set at 45 degrees to the blade ..

The first test cut was promising ...

This was just one side. The real test would be that the four corners fit as accurately and tightly ...

This is just a scrap, which was not an even thickness, but all corners were perfect!

Happiness is a successful jig :)

I have details of the build if anyone is interested.

Regards from Perth


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