surface quality and big machines

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I have a Powermatic 18" like what Ellis has for sale in Classified. It has an on-board knife grinder. With sharp knives I get as good a finish as I have seen off any machine. I typically begin sanding at 120 grit off this machine to remove glaze.

Many large machines suffer two problems. They may be set up for rough planing. And/or if they don't have on-board knife grinding they are tedious to set up perfect and as a result are rarely set up perfect.

A heavy machine is inherently more able to produce a good finish. They can hold lumber better, the cutter head is larger diameter and there is no vibration. I get no snipe, for example.

Anyone in the vicinity of Ellis that has the room should be beating a path to snag his machine. It is ideal for a serious home shop.

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