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Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
Yes they do carry their own inserted spiral head as well as the Shelix from Byrd. As I stated I have the Grizzly joiner with their head and my planer has the Byrd Shelix head.

They do use different inserts and their is some difference in the head geometry and they use different inserts. However I cannot tell much if any difference in the actual finish of the wood from either one!

One other benefit is that the spiral heads seem to be much quieter (still somewhat loud) and seem to take less power to remove the same material. I have never slowed either one of my tools down and have taken some heavy cuts on fairly wide white Oak boards.

In my opinion I would not pay extra for the Shelix head as I can't see any finish improvement!

Its been several years ago since I compared the Delta, Powermatic and other import equipment at a woodworking show in Indianapolis, but at that time the Grizzly appeared to me to be better quality than the name brands.

I know I purchased the Powermatic woodworking drill press for around $1000 and sure am not impressed with the fit, finish or quality. It is quite noisy in operation and I have had trouble with the Jacobs chuck adapter falling out of the drill press shank. The "tool-less" chuck also requires Channel locks to loosen and remove bits.

Had I known of the quality of the Powermatic I would have purchased a Grizzly press.

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