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Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
Barry, my machine is an import, purchased from Wilke machinery. It is a 5 hp, 240V single phase machine. The motor did die, but Wilke sent a new motor at no cost. They quit importing off brand planers a few years after I got mine. They did (do?) still carry parts for my machine. I believe it is branded Shop Craft or something of the sort.

I think most of the planers sold under the old good names like Powermatic, Delta etc. are imported and are built in the same Asian factories, and are the same basic machines, however there may be different specs on things like the feed tables, motors, paint etc.

Personally I have had darn good service from the Grizzly machines I have owned. They have been importing machines longer than the others, have better part availability and have been excellent in solving the few small problems I have encountered. I think there quality control at the factories is better than Delta and similar machines and are sold at a lower price.

If I were purchasing a new planer I would have no hesitation in buying a Grizzly, although there is a slightly different configuration of the inserts in the spiral heads of my Griz joiner and my planer Byrd head, I can see little, if any difference in the finish obtained. I know Grizzly does now sell the Byrd heads and used to sell the machines with either their head or the Byrd (at an additional cost). Doubt if I would pay any extra for the Byrd Shelix head.

Many years ago I had a 6" joiner from Grizzly. I replaced it with a 8" with the inserted head. I also have their 3 Hp. cyclone dust collector. I have been quite happy with both.

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