Re:Planer finish`

Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
Barry, apparently you haven't used a planer with a carbide inserted Byrd style head!. I started with a Dewalt lunchbox planer, it did a fairly good job (other than the snipe that seemed unavoidable) if you were very careful about the direction you fed the stock.

My son purchased a 20" stationary planer for my retirement equipped with a Byrd head. The finish is far superior to the portable planer. I don't even worry about which direction I feed the stock. I can't remember ever getting ANY tear-out. I get zero snipe unless I am very careless when feeding long stock (over 6 foot). I can remove stock more than twice as far as the lunchbox with no problem.

I had already replaced my old 6" straight blade Grizzly joiner with an 8" Griz segmented spiral head and had the same type results. After joining / planing I lightly orbital sand with 100 grit and it removes all the light marks left!

With the old equipment I had to do far more sanding.

You can purchase a 15" spiral cutterhead planer for under $2k or a 20" for just under $2500. Both are single phase 220V
By the way if you really want to purchase an old iron 3 phase unit, it is less problem and expense to install a phase convertor than change the motor!

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