What do you mean "flatten"?

Barry Irby
Aren't boards flat already?

Actually, I use a number of methods. I cut them down to size to minimize the arcs. I hand plane, a little, have not learned to love my planes yet. I use my 6" jointer. I have used a sled in my planer. I have used a router sled. I have also used my RAS. I have also cut deep slots in the underside and used battens or attached it to a table frame.

Somehow I lost my mind for a minute. The first few boards I pulled out of this stack were nice and flat and I made the likely false assumption that all of them would be nice and flat too.

If I knew where a big heavy duty planer was I suppose I could pull some already flat stock and plane it, saving the crooked stuff to do myself.

I am considering shopping around for a Maker Space and see what they have for flattening equipment and a planer.

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