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Keith Newton
Same offer if you are passing through LR. Tom, A year or two ago I forgot to unplug my Rollair before going off for the weekend. One of the hoses burst, and it ran until it could run no more. I ended up ordering a new pump which wasn't exactly the same, then spent more time re-running the plumbing than just buying a whole new compressor would have cost when I figured the value of my time into the equation.

I've since bought a 1hp Rollair, which I can lift and take onto a job. Its pretty good, but later another sub came onto a job that I was on with a 1/2hp Senco. It was so quiet, light, and cheap that I bought one of those also.

The one I would give you, is about a 30 gallon oilless, that I would not want to work in the same block with because of the noise. Advice, don't buy one that you are going to hate forever after.

If you keep thin CA glue around the shop. Drill a little larger hole in your leak, then chuck a stick of softwood in a drill, and touch it to a running belt sander while spinning to make a long tapered plug. Insert it into the hole, and clip it off about 1/8 out. Soak with thin CA. After trying a bunch of other methods, I did a temporary repair like this that lasted about 15 years. The cost $0, so you get to keep what you have a while longer, then can spend you money buying another one that is handy in its very portability if you need to take one out to another location.

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