Re: Advice on Walker-Turner bandsaw?

Keith Newton
It may depend on the RPM's, but when I replaced them on my old 36" and turned it on, the centrifugal force was enough to stretch them out about another 6". I don't recommend that you do this.

The glue I got was 3M product in a tube with a long spout, which allowed me to insert into the space behind a pipe with a T for a handle, that I could rotate, making it roll it's way around the wheel.

As for stretching the tires on, I fought with all my strength but failed by just clamping at the top, then trying to work my way around. Then I searched and found that you 1. clamp at the top. 2. pull down and clamp the bottom. 3. Then like drawing a archery bow to both sides.

My tires are flat, never get eased off, and track just fine for more than 20 years and still no grooving on top.

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