Advice on Walker-Turner bandsaw?

Joe Pack
My brother in law has come across an older model 16" wheel Walker-Turner bandsaw. Other than freeing up the guides, needing a new blade and new tires, it seems to be in great shape. The first two issues I can handle, but need advice on the tires.

The originals are hard rubber that seem to have been glued on. They are cracked and even cupped in the middle; the blade seems to have been run with the tips of the teeth in the middle of the blade and have actually worn a trough in the old tires. Having little experience with old iron, am I correct in assuming the tires would have been glued on? The small areas where I can lift up the rubber (at the cracks) show little or no ridges on the edge of the wheel to hold a tire in place. There ARE grooves in the wheel itself where the tire rests.

I have found 16" rubber tires for this saw on Ebay. I have also found 16" urethane tires there. Would it be acceptable for this saw to use the crowned urethane tires? Should the rubber tires be crowned? Would it be necessary to glue in the tires, or should the tight fit be acceptable?

Any tips to help with these questions, or with any other aspect of old iron that I am not familiar with? Thanks for your input!

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