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Barry Irby
Karl, I have forgotten how to post a picture, but I don't think it would help much.

Get your blower and figure out what size box it would fit in. Check out common filter sizes and use ones that are easy to get.

My box is about 15" square top and bottom 20" tall. so I use 14 by 20 filters. The box has a plywood top and bottom and front. The front has a hole in it for the outlet of the blower. The corner posts have tracks on them for the filters. the tracks are about 1' by 1". There is a tab at the bottom that supports the filters.
There is track across the tops to close off the air flow. Make the box a little oversize to allow internal air flow. Mine has a switch wired into the cord and it's plugged into the light circuit so it runs when the lights are on. Might be better to add a timer to sun it a while after you leave.

Then you get to choose your filters. The dollar ones are not very good, but you can get them all the way to HEPA. You could also use the ones that are about 4" thick. I have a ribbon on the front that flies out when there is air movement.

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