WC Weekend Accomplishments....

Dennis E Peacock
26 Feb 2018

I'm happy to say that the rain has stopped, the sun is out, and I'm off oncall duty. :)
My weather station recorded 12.28" of rain for the last week. We did need the rain, but we didn't need it all at one time. :) :)
My little granddaughter went into the hospital this weekend so the family was split up with some staying at the hospital and others tending to home necessities and keeping family and friends updated with the status of my granddaughter. I'm thrilled to report that she is now at home and doing well. The problem ended up being Ketotic Hypoglycemia (sp?). Needless to say with oncall duty, work hollering over the weekend and keeping people updated on the status of my granddaughter, it was a long and busy weekend. My hope is to get the last chair repaired for our family fried so I can call these chairs "done".

I'm off work today and taking The LOML and my 2 youngest sons to the new local Red Robin for lunch. All my best hopes for prayers for all of you in the days ahead.

That's it for me, so what did YOU do this past weekend?

Best of weeks to you all.
Dennis Peacock

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WC Weekend Accomplishments....
All that rain you got, and on down I 30 .
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