Re: Wife's Grandfather died from asbestosis

Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
I worked with asbestos for years, used it when installing chimney pipe to insulate the pipes near combustibles, I also worked part time in gas stations, one of the common problems from the 50' though the 70's was leaking brake wheel cylinders. The common repair was to clean the brake pads with a wire wheel to remove the "glaze" and buff the pads until clean linings were visible. Naturally a lot of asbestos dust was generated and during that time no one knew of dust masks.

I also worked with many chemicals during electrical repair including PCB oils. These were used in Motor starters, transformers etc. At one shop I worked in we kept a bucket of the oil for use to clean grease etc off our hands. i worked for years using 1,1,1-trichloroethane, have even washed shirts I was wearing and put them back on! There were many other chemicals I have used heavily over the years.

I have stupidly smoked cigarettes since I was about 19 YO.

I am now 76 years old (be 77 in May) and in pretty good health. I am sure something will kill me in the future.

As far as more of certain diseases being seen today, I am fairly sure most of this is the fact they can diagnose many that were previously called "consumption" or something of the sort when a person became sick or passed on.

Would I advocate doing all the things I have done today, heck no, some people may be far more susceptible to chemicals or dust than I.

But I do think there are reasonable things to worry about and precautions to take. It is now accepted by many researchers that early exposure to many foods and things like weeds etc. can keep young people from developing allergies in their adult life.

Whether it be genetics or early exposure that did it, I am not allergic to anything but one odd antibiotic that caused my skin to peel from my hands when I took it in massive doses. Nothing else causes me any issue including any medicine, foods, Bee stings, poison Ivy or other plants etc.

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