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Ellis Walentine
As someone mentioned, this unit is great for clearing the air of floating dust, but you still want to have focused dust collection at the machines themselves. I have the same unit as the one you pictured, only maybe a few years older. I don't recall how many CFM it circulates, but you can divide that into the volume of air in your shop to see how many minutes it will take to process a shopload of airborne dust. Optimal efficiency depends on how the unit is arrayed in the room, so that the best airflow pattern is established. In my shop, the best arrangement was about a third of the distance across the shop and aligned with my tablesaw, which puts out the most airborne dust off the top of the blade. I've never had a blade guard with a dust collection port, so there's usually a fine cloud of dust over the blade. A dust mask is necessary.

You do need to blow out the filters regularly, as they become impacted more quickly than you might expect. The only gripe I've had with mine is that the remote control unit often doesn't work reliably; you have to aim it at the sensor on the unit and press the buttons several times to change fan speed, turn on and off, etc. Maybe it's not a problem with these units in general, but I'd be sure to operate it a few times to make sure before you buy.


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