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Mark Hennebury
The fact is that living is detrimental to your health. We are all going to die from the cumulative effects of living.

i am just trying to add some perspective; on the grand scale of things that are likely to do your harm, dust from a hobbyshop is not high on the list. a weekend warrior armed with a dust mask will live forever.

Most of the studies that provide all of the fear about dust are based on workplace situations with people working eight hours a day 5 days a week, year in year out.

Many studio craftsmen like me worked double that amount of time. i often worked 12, 14, 16 hours a day sometimes seven days a week. In my own shop with not exactly the ultimate dust collection system. The shop and everything in it was always covered in dust. So i have had a very high exposure to dust, and can expect the cumulative effects of that to show up at some point. But as you have seen i wore a dust mask all of the time and so far i seem to be fine.

If you listen to all of the health studies,Salt is bad for you, as is sugar, fat, alcohol, exercise, lack of exercise, Stress etc. The thing is to keep it all in perspective.

For a hobbiest, A bit of dust around your shop is not going to kill you.
Wear a dust mask, ear plugs and safety glasses and your good. have a dust collection system, don't sweat it.

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