Peanuts will kill you too.... *PIC*

Mark Hennebury
If you are severely allergic to them. For most people peanut exposure is not a problem.
Same with wood dust.

The past few years there appears to be an explosion of totally unfounded fear about wood dust. With hobbiest woodworkers building cleanroom workshops, with the finest particle dust collection systems measuring instruments to detect submicron dust particles in the air.

The fact is a hobbiest woodworker with a simple dustmask and no dust collector could spend a hundred years woodworking and never have a health issue from dust.

Millions of people around the world have worked in incredibly dusty conditions every day and do so for many many years.

If dust were that bad people that work in high dust condition would have a one year life expectancy, they would die like files.

I personally have worked in a dusty shop for 45 years and had my lungs checked last year and was told every test was fine and as the doctor told me "your good for another 100,000 miles"

I have routed and sanded a ton of MDF, plywood and particle board, plus all kinds of solidwood, including exotics. I have on occasion slept on a mountain of shavings from the thicknessplaner. On top of that i have rebuilt dozens of old machines which is even dirtier, grinding metal, sanding lead paint and sandblasting.

I don't think that you need be concerned about using the odd Piece of MDF

This is a photo taken about 30 years ago in one of my shops. I have a dust collector, but there is still dust everywhere, all of the time everyday. i wore a dust mask , earplugs and safety glasses.

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