Re: Just how dangerous is MDF dust?

Barry, I can only answer anecdotally, with no study or data to rely on. I work with and have worked with MDF quite a lot. To be sure, it's dusty and smelly. I try to always use a dust mask but, certainly, there have been times, such as, when I did something quickly, I didn't take the time to put on the respirator and, often, I have taken my mask off when there was MDF dust still in the air. The bottom line is, I'm still alive and my doctor tells me my lungs are clear.

It's possible I have an extraordinary constitution or I'm lucky, as I did spend 21 years of my career making prototypes out of polystyrene, which is even more dusty (but less smelly).

I understand MDF is made with formaldehyde, I've been told it remains resident in the product, and gets released when working the material. Formaldehyde is carcinogenic when present in high concentrations over long periods. My understanding is, when exposed to a carcinogen, one's body's susceptibility has important relevance.

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