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Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
My last position prior to my retirement about 12 years ago was the QS-9000 / ISO management representative. For those who believe you can measure to .oooo1, it is impossible in normal buildings. When you get to the 4th decimal, it requires a temperature controlled room +/- about 1 deg F. Parts that are required to be measured are placed in that room overnight, (we placed them on a 5' X 6' granite table so the temperature of the part would stabilize).

When the part is measured it cannot be held in a persons hand as the temperature would rise. Normally we used lazer equipment to do the measurements. We had to have all our Calibration standards verified traceable to the NIST on an annual (or shorter period). Our granite surface plate was verified yearly by an outside vendor using laser equipment. We had a Laser micrometer calibration machine for our quality standard micrometers.

People that believe they are accurately measuring to .0001 in normal shops are fooling themselves.

I have a number of micrometers and calibers that failed calibration due to tip damage etc. that were scrapped by my company. They are way more accurate for my use in machine setup and /or measuring tool bits etc. than I require.

Probably one of the most inaccurate measurement tools we use in Woodworking is our steel tape measures. I try to use the same one during projects to eliminate the differences in my various tapes, or to use story sticks.

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