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Tony - Memphis
I do the same thing! I started life making race car parts (mostly out to 0.000 but out to that fourth place in a few instances). Interesting, I do a little bit of CNC and 3D printing and have learned that even those aren't THAT accurate (not mine anyway - I know the "real" machines are).

I had a professor chastise me once for answering a problem using way to many response, I invented the Ronco Super Ruler - accurate to 8 places! I got an extra credit for that! Life lessons!

Pet peeve - I hear a lot of woodworkers in videos and such say "perfect." There ain't no such thing!

Took me a long time to un-train myself going from machined automotive parts to woodworking tolerances. I finally figured out the theory of relativity - if it fits, it is perfect. I was also enlightened when I learned that wood moved and that no furniture was "perfectly" flat, square, etc.

Tony (who pretends to be an engineer by day)

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