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Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
I built my 30' X 30' shop using engineered trusses. They were designed to provide an upstairs storage room 30' long X 10' wide with adequate strength to allow the storage of all the wood the space would allow! The truss builder was less than 20 mile from my build site and they delivered and stacked beside the site.

It is currently full with a narrow walkway through the center, access is provided via a pull down heavy duty ladder. After storing for a year or two, I measured the ceiling to floor to see if there was any "sag". There was none. The entire truss system and roof decking was done in one day with about 5 people.

The trusses are also built so that I can cut an opening in either end to install an exterior entrance if I want to add one.

I have built a home before so do know how to cut rafters etc., but this installation was both less expensive and quicker to install.

To each his own!

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