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Gary Smyth
I won't push this thread much longer but I thought a "before" image might help. The existing unheated unfinished garage was designed to over winter a boat is 33' x 27' x 14' at the roof peak. Wall studs are on 16" centers. The rear of the garage is nested into the earth bank and the interior is 9' high front to back to the bottom of the trusses. Trusses are 2x4 and 30" apart. They span the full width of the garage (27'). The floor is #2 gravel. After the new concrete pad is in place to the left of the existing building, the pad has to support a 6000lb vehicle. I plan on coming off perpendicular to the existing roof with a gable supported (so far) by 8x8 posts and the long end facing the driveway same as the existing doors. Height will remain a 9' ceiling height.

Additional comments welcome

Interior of existing bay one.


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