Exactly correct...

John in NM
And that is basically why I never hire contractors - their goals are not the same as mine.

But that does not mean that a framed up roof is always best for all applications, and just in general, the OP struck me as a situation where using a truss design would be the way to go.

Really it will depend on who does the framing - if he's lucky enough to have an experienced pro around who won't charge an arm and a leg. In that case, a framed up roof may be better. The scarcity of experienced pros who don't charge an arm and a leg is another reason I learn to do work myself.

There's always several ways to skin a particular cat, and usually two or three of them will be about equivalent in balancing pros and cons. That's why we all love to offer advice here - it ends up being a fun debate and usually we learn things :D

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