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John K Jordan
I've built both ways. I prefer trusses since around here they are cheap, go up so quickly, are consistent in dimensions and strong. I spec them with 2x6 instead of 2x4 lumber just because. Renting a crane and operator to install 30+ trusses on my shop was less than $100. If I wanted attic space I'd probably use trusses made for that, such as they used in my garage.

From other discussions, I found that trusses elsewhere can cost 2 to 3 times what we pay for them so the cost may be be an issue for some.

I do build farm buildings with 2-by rafters which gives me more options. For example, I roofed my barn with 20' 2x8s on one side for an 8' overhang at the stall entrances. Full trusses at that length would have given me logistic and transportation problems for my site or else would have to be shipped in two parts for local assembly (and additional cost).

We also use rafters on additions to our house but for another reason, to go with the timber frame architecture - we added two roofs with 4x6 rafters, one just last week.

I still recommend that without significant experience one should discuss this with an architect/engineer or an experienced trusted builder.


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