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Dustmaker Mike
I would go with a two stage if I was going to get another compressor.

The biggest problem I see wit a compressor is water in the tank and people trying to dry it out after the fact. When I move and start to set up my shop again I plan on cooling the air before it goes into the tank.

The air coming out of the compressor head is really hot, then it enters the tank to cool. This is what causes most of the moisture in the air. What I plan on doing is making a large radiator to cool it in before it enters the tank.

Take coil copper line from the compressor head and plumb it into a series of 1/2 inch copper pipe along the wall. Angle the pipe with one side lower then the other, and put a bleed off valve on it.

Run it 6 feet over then Tee it, one side to valve and the other side to 1/2 copper pipe three inches long, insert another Tee head another piece of three inch up and add another Tee continue for a about three or four feet up. Off the other leg of the Tees, use another piece of copper pipe 6 feet long into a elbow, insert a three inch of pipe and run it into another Tee. One section goes up three inches the other side goes to the other side. The last piece is to use coil copper and bring it back into the tank.

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