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Barry Irby
Bigger is better.

DO NOT use hard plastic piping (PVC or CPVC). If, after it cycles a few hundred times it fails and bursts, it can spray plastic shrapnel and they can't see the shards on an X-ray. This may start an argument with the Poo-Poo crowd, but don't do it, because if I am right it's too painful to find out they are wrong. An additional threat is that if it bursts, it will burst while you are away and the compressor will run until it fails and burns the place down.

I am told there is some softer plastic that is suitable, but have not researched it.

Isolate the com[pressor for noise suppression and install one of the auto drains that dups the water out of the tank occasionally. May also be wise to set up some sort of switch that turns it off when you are not there.

While you are isolating the compressor, also isolate your DC. Not only does that reduce the noise, it also reduces the need for fancy highly effective filters. Any dust it captures is GONE. This ends the discussion about how fine a filter is good enough. If I turn the DC on and off with the tools, I don't find the heat loss to be significant.

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