I never thought I'd do this -- compressor

Gary Smyth
I'm thinking (really hard), about adding a outdoor concrete pad adjacent to a detached garage that eventually could turn into a fully blown carport/enclosed 3rd garage. Trying to wrap my head about inclusions.

1.Water rough in-- no bathroom
2. 240 Electrical to run compressor, spray finishes, air tools, plasma cutting or metal chop saw, maybe a small forge.
3. Compressor to run the above needing air.
4. Hoist to lift some old furniture, rolled up fencing, misc. stuff, above ceiling between trusses.
5. Drainage on/in the slab which I want flat or no more than 1/8 inch per foot back to front. Use floor jacks, No car lift.
6. Optimum size to work around car, Absent car, room to build/fabricate landscape "ornaments" (gates, steps. fencing, plantings, etc.
7. How many pounds and thickness for the mix? (Five inches, more? 3500? 4000? Crack prevention fiberglass? Rebar? Smooth or brushed finish?

Lots to consider and budget is in the mix, but as to the compressor. How many gallon? CFM? One stage or two? Should it be isolated elsewhere -- and how far away? Metal or plastic plumbing? Will it be affected by Southwest (Zone 6) PA cold and hot? What else do I need to know?

Read stuff like Google, Owners Manuals, You Tubed stuff, Garage Journal etc. Too much information --overload.

Help me start slower with what works for the woodworking, finish crowd.

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