Re: WC Weekend Accomplishments....

Mark Nowicki
It always saddens me when your "Weekend Accomplishments" goes without a single answer so every time I see you post I try think of something.

Personally, come Monday I have a hard remembering what I did over the weekend. My wife retired this December after 42 years in the airline industry. She never had weekends off, in the beginning because of low seniority and in the end because of her high one.

We did have a beautiful day on Sunday so I took a walk and, according to the app I walked for 3 hrs and 2 minutes and took 22876 steps.

I have not watches a single minute of the Olympics, my youngest son who is a big fan, is spending a week in Spain.

Normally he would bring me up to date so I have no idea what is going on.

I have just started the sixth decade of my life and I try to plan and look forward, instead of back.

Just like you I am doing a lot less woodworking mostly due to lack of interest. As long as I am physically able I would rather take a walk, a bike ride or a trip instead of breathing sawdust.

All the best , regardless what you decide.

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