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Thomas S Stockton
Hi Mark
I didn't use plans although there a fair amount of them out there. I'm a pretty visual person so I found some shape I liked and drew them full size.
The body on mine is 4' x 8' the frame is shorter because the front and back round in but overall the frame is 12'
I have no idea how much time I spent, I probably spent more time sitting and pondering then fabrication. although it didn't take long to make the basic body
I made my frame since I couldn't find one that would work without a lot of modification or cost. The frame was about 40% of the cost. but having a frame to start with would have been great
I used anodized aluminum for the skin since I got a real good deal on it.
my main source of inspiration and info was be warned though it's one of those black holes of a web site that just kinda draws you in.

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