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Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
A few years ago Michael Dresdner was quite active on this site, In my opinion he is one of the top experts on finishing in the world.

When the question of "Minwax Wipe on finish" was discussed as I recall, he recommended buying the standard Minwax Poly and thinning it to the desired consistency. He stated the regular Minwax was exactly the same formulation as the wipe on except for the amount of solvents and the price of the poly was far higher than adding solvent yourself!

I have done this and have thinned to wipe on consistency and also sprayed a thinned version, both methods worked well for me. As Bill Tindall has stated (and Michael D. agreed) all of the current solvent based finishes are mixed and sold too thick to meet the EPA standards. So thinning is required regardless of which you use.

I also agree with using standard finish material for all the coats except using satin finish for the final coat. I do this with Lacquer and poly.

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