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Barry Irby
I used to have a 10" miter saw. I was a home builder and did some of the trim work. Cut crown molding by turning it upside down in the saw. The 10" blade limited the size of the trim I could install easily. That saw got stolen and I replaced it with a 10" compound miter saw. I rarely do trim anymore so the blade size doesn't limit me and I believe the 10" blade is more stable than a 12" one and cuts smoother. I MIGHT use it to cut segments for segmented turning and it will fit in the same niche in my shop that the old saw lived in. A Sliding saw would not. I also have a Radial Arm Saw I rely on for wider cuts.

Probably stuck in my ways, but I like my 10" compound miter saw. But I have multiple other pieces of equipment.

Also consider the footprint. A sliding saw takes up a lot of space. There is a swinging version that takes up less, but that one looked to me like something that would get out of adjustment quickly. No experience, just say'n.

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