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Ray Carson - Lawrenceville, NJ
I'm asked to make things for friends and family all the time. I enjoy it tremendously and rarely do I get "paid." They pay for materials and my labor is free. The only advice I have is when confronted with a project, I usually explain some simple things in advance to the "customer."

First, I have a full time job and your project will require my nights and weekends. If you're willing to wait, I'll build the Taj Mahal if you want. Just don't bug me with "How much longer?" LOL

Two, if you are family or close friend, you pay all material costs and all supplies needed to complete the project. Stains, hardware, restocking of my supplies such as sandpaper etc. 90% of the time, I'm compensated with a small monetary gift.

Three, if you are a friend of a friends Uncles, brother's sister, my cost is materials as mentioned above times two. If the project is too big or the time frame isn't to their liking, then I recommend finding someone else or a furniture store. Most of the time, they can find it cheaper and quicker. Those people usually aren't worth the aggravation anyway.

Keep your spirits up and don't let a project make you hate something you love. Take a break and explain to the client that quality should never rushed and you're not willing to sacrifice that along with your sanity. :)

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