Personal rant...

Alan Young
In the last two years I had some really terrific commissions come my way. Overall I think I've grown through the work I've been asked to build and my clients have been very accommodating to my production schedule. In these past two years as a "part-time" professional I have been juggling two -three pieces in various stages of fabrication plus working on possible new designs. My current big project is this Dutch Pull-out Table-based on the Tage Frid expandable style. Here's a pic from about three weeks ago...

My clients have been very accepting of the length of time it's taken to push this through my shop-and I anticipate that they will be happy with the final result. I am now entering the finish stage of this piece and hate to admit but I am tired. I'm tired of this piece, tired of working on it and tired of it being in my shop. This of course makes me feel very guilty-It has challenged my construction and design techniques. I will still have some final fitting to do- and I've decided that If I ever build another table in this style that I will alter the dimensions as the size of the various elements has pushed the design to it's limits. I guess making tweaks in these elements has prolonged the fabrication process and has ultimately lead to my loss of excitement as this piece reaches it's conclusion. In the mean time I have some new commissions standing in line waiting their turn and I don't want to be frustrated when it's their turn....

Just a rant.


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