Re: This is not looking good

Barry Irby
Well there you go. The answer. Borrow it back form the Son in law. And have him help you.

I too have reached an age where I no longer look for excuses to buy tools. I don't need an excuse, I just buy anything that catches my eye as long as it's cheap. Sorry I missed that Festool Router.

Speaking of cobbling things together, here's an idea. Cut a stick the same height as your bandsaw table. Put a pivot point in both ends. Put a pivot hole in the bottom of your table top, stand it on the stick and cut out the top. Fair the circle. It only has to look and feel round, it won't be perfectly round as soon as the humidity and MC change anyway. Might want to have SWIMBO or SIL steady the stick. We may be overthinking this. Go for it, you have more ash.

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